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On October 8 1976, Michel Foucault described the process of normalization [in French]. Le 8 Octobre 1976, Michel Foucault décrivait le processus de normalisation. The transcript of this interview by Philippe Nemo will appear at a later date/Une transcription de cet interview par Philippe Nemo devrait apparaître ici. Pour écouter l’interview… If the above audio does not...

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Spectacular Virus

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Science Why That Video Went Viral By NATALIE KITROEFF MAY 19, 2014 YouTube screen shots of, clockwise from top left,  viral videos of strangers kissing, a woman quitting her job, a Home Depot marriage proposal, and a baby. Credit YouTube There it was, virtual gold: a video of a firefighter resuscitating a kitten trapped in a smoky home. Neetzan Zimmerman, then an editor at Gawker, a news and gossip site, knew it was destined for viral magic. But before he could publish a post about it, his editor made a request. Mr. Zimmerman was to include the epilogue omitted by most every other outlet:...

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