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[Ed.: Are words just by themselves the essence of hyperbole?] Death by Internet Hyperbole: Literally Dying Over This Column By Jessica Bennett From the New York Times The text exchange was unspectacular: a friend explaining a video that had been posted by a classmate to his Snapchat feed. Jordana Narin, my 20-year-old research assistant, was half paying attention, sitting in my living room working on a project, texting between breaks. “Omg literally dying,” she typed back, not missing a beat. She turned back to her computer. But Jordana wasn’t literally dying. She wasn’t figuratively dying,...

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In Between

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In between the beginning & the ending… from Silent Light – Stellet Lijcht – Luz silenciosa (Carlos Reygadas)

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Any Given Moment: Brother Steindl-Rast

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Brother David Steindl-Rast, A Network of Grateful Living (ANG*L) and his many books! Br. Steindl-Rast, against solidification: The religions start from mysticism. There is no other way to start a religion. But, I compare this to a volcano that gushes forth …and then …the magma flows down the sides of the mountain and cools off. And when it reaches the bottom, it’s just rocks. You’d never guess that there was fire in it. So after a couple of hundred years, or two thousand years or more, what was once alive is dead rock. Doctrine becomes doctrinaire. Morals become...

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On October 8 1976, Michel Foucault described the process of normalization [in French]. Le 8 Octobre 1976, Michel Foucault décrivait le processus de normalisation. The transcript of this interview by Philippe Nemo will appear at a later date/Une transcription de cet interview par Philippe Nemo devrait apparaître ici. Pour écouter l’interview… If the above audio does not...

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Pas de Musique! No Music!

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The Break-In Scene Jules Dassin on Rififi and his deciding not to use music for the longest time ever in commercial cinema

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Close To Open

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From the L.A. Times: These blind mice hear like Stevie Wonder Blindness can alter the neurons that process sound, according to a new study that would suggest how unusual musical talent develops among blind singers, such as Stevie Wonder, pictured at this year’s Grammy Awards celebration. (Christopher Polk / Getty Images) By Geoffrey MohanFebruary 5, 2014 Want to hear as well as Stevie Wonder or the late Ray Charles? A blindfold not only might help, it could re-wire your brain in the process, a new study suggests. The study, in mice, was the first to show evidence on a cellular level of...

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