An entire mythology is stored within our language. – Wittgenstein
Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned. — Mark Twain

At the end of a semester: movie-making wisdom as would fit fortune cookies.

The only knowledge which is really alive is the one that expresses itself at its kindling point, bringing about its own destruction. — Dostoevsky
a «HOLE» within reality, like life passing, fleeting, evanescent, impossible to fix and retain. — Tadeusz Kantor

I apologize for being as blind and arrogant as most humans, and for still using words [& this website/bottle-in-the-ocean]. — PM

Yes, more words here again… but it is to escape them and have them implode. Cosmic banana peels?!
After a lifetime of having surrounded ourselves with arbitrary concepts that we now take for granted, we urgently need to pierce our bubble and reach a state of constant bewildered incredulity.

One of the founders of Surrealism wrote in 1924: “Knock-knock. Who’s there? Ah good, let the infinite in.We may not need to ask the shamans – we know now scientifically about the two trillion galaxies, the Laniakea, and the astounding extent of our insignificance.
A cold shower does much more than to freshen us up, it shakes us up. Yet, to shatter illusions all at once would be impossible; we can only chip away one crack at a time, and have to be patient, with a willingness to be bored – mountains owe so much to the valleys!
Along with intense “blindspotting” – locating the blind-spots – a particular useful technique involves a form of sustained implosion (as in Lumière’s short film “L’arroseur arrosé“).
What to trust? Without having recourse to drugs, we may require what Rimbaud pleaded for: a long, immense et reasoned derangement of all of the senses.
There is a physicality of action that bypasses the mind and grounds us, allowing a healthy perspective to arise. The animals that we still are know more than all our thoughts combined. Are we able to regain that presence?

The ledge of knowLEDGE is nearby, we just need to approach it without fear.
BlindedStudentsBesides two examples for a curriculum, Bubbles and Quotes & an Unlearning Mind Map, here is a brief list of supporting materials:
– Experiences
Anechoic Chamber/Isolation Tank/Long Walks Going Nowhere/Boal’s Invisible Theater
– Writings
Artaud/Barthes/Daumal/Debord/Bresson/Melville/Porchia/U.G. Krishnamurti (not the famous one)/Roustang/ChuangTze/LaoTze.
– Films
Rossellini’/Álvarez/Bresson/Debord/Marker/Tarkovsky/Hersonski/Guzmán/Lanzman/Berger/Resnais/Serr/Ha/Robison/Soda/Ant Farm & T.R. Uthco/Pasolini

Two students in an anechoic chamber.

Two students in an anechoic chamber.

With all those instant-everything-avoidance means that technology offers us, not counting the most exciting treasures Artificial Intelligence has in the wings, we could give it all up… but the physicality of having a body can lead us back to realize that presence is a major present – a gift awaiting us since our birth  (along with decantation, the process of “active rest,” when sediments are allowed to float down to the bottom of liquids to achieve some clarity).
Before it is too late to do so, we can indeed savor and live our lives. To be alive is not to know, to be lost.

A path is made by walking on it. — Zhuangzi

3 of 3. Picture-perfect… captive audiences… can we look into our blindness?
We seek and look, like Nasrudin, BUT only where there is light. Let’s go elsewhere!

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