The Central Credo: Words

We tend to sense how images colonize our mental space, but another virus is more insidious…Words
Each word is so full of itself; it assumes we should live by its side, but words, in creating their self-referential universe, only have the authority of other words. To escape our frailty and the complexity (“to be beyond words“), we invest them with power and soon they become life-companions, blocking most of our senses.
To say something against words is indeed grotesque but after Rimbaud and Gauguin’s cultural departures – and prior to my own death – these words of warning and this site have become necessary.
What we cherish, too soon becomes a fetish…

After having experienced “hell,” that word and all words appear in all of their hollowness. — P.M. What is “sky”? – “Sky” is blue. – What is “blue”? – Blue is like the ocean. – What is “ocean”? – “Ocean” is blue. – Now, I know what “sky” is! — a truncated version of my mother’s lesson about words. — P.M.

You hope, yes,
your books will excuse you,
save you from hell…
— W. H. Auden

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It is clear that, as this marketing video clearly demonstrates, what we sell is reality… but are we short-changing ourselves as we become ensconced and trapped inside words?

– a sad and clear example of the lure of words –

Selling Words (from the Brexit campaign)

Selling Words (from the Brexit campaign)

There is a language that goes beyond verbal language
– and some examples on the School of No Media Vimeo page allude to that (& the power of film beyond its cultural norms) –
what “animals” still use.

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