In Between

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In between the beginning & the ending… from Silent Light – Stellet Lijcht – Luz silenciosa (Carlos Reygadas)

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Words and Concepts that Blind Us

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[Partial translation into English] Original in French

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Nina Simone’s Freedom from Anything!

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I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free – Actual (improvised) lyrics for Nina Simone’s song at the 1976 Montreux Jazz Festival – a song originally written by William Taylor and Richard Carroll Lamb.

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Sports as Spectacle

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Al doilea joc – The Second Game – Match de Retour by Corneliu Porumboiu “In the Communist era, you couldn’t show bad sportsmanship.” C. P.

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Against Repetition

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To like something, you must have seen or heard it for a long time, you bunch of idiots. — Francis Picabia Pour que vous aimiez quelque chose, il faut que vous l’ayez vu et entendu depuis longtemps, tas d’idiots. — Francis Picabia

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Art & Emptiness

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  An Artist Fills Galleries With Emptiness Marina Abramovic Opens at Serpentine Gallery in London by ROSLYN SULCAS – JUNE 11, 2014   LONDON — “You look suspicious,” Marina Abramovic said to an older couple standing to the side of a room in the Serpentine Gallery here on Thursday. The couple looked, well, suspicious, as around them people contemplated panels of bright primary colors, or lay on the floor, eyes closed. Ms. Abramovic took them by the hand, gently asked them to close their eyes, and led them away, walking with a slow, measured tread. It was Day 2 of “512 Hours,”...

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