Life is Surprises

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A remnant of what I used to teach… I would say to my students that their medium is “surprises” – not video, not film, not sound, but surprises. Just like actual living. From the New York Times Sunday Review The Economics of Suspense APRIL 24, 2015  Credit Gérard Dubois Gray Matter By JEFFREY ELY, ALEXANDER FRANKEL and EMIR KAMENICA IMAGINE the following situation. After a grueling day at work, you plop down in front of your TV, ready to relax. Your TiVo has recorded all of the day’s March Madness games. You’ve sequestered yourself away from any news about who won or...

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In Between

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In between the beginning & the ending… from Silent Light – Stellet Lijcht – Luz silenciosa (Carlos Reygadas)

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Sports as Spectacle

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Al doilea joc – The Second Game – Match de Retour by Corneliu Porumboiu “In the Communist era, you couldn’t show bad sportsmanship.” C. P.

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Pas de Musique! No Music!

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The Break-In Scene Jules Dassin on Rififi and his deciding not to use music for the longest time ever in commercial cinema

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