Porchia: a man of few words

— Related to the School of No Media Quotes —

Voices (Voces) by Antonio Porchia
as translated by W.S. Merwin
Excerpts Relevant to the School of No Media.

Antonio Porchia

Antonio Porchia

  • I do not agree with you. But if you do not agree with yourself either, then I do agree with you.
  • When I believe that the stone is stone and the cloud cloud, I am in a state of unconsciousness.
  • We become aware of the void as we fill it.
  • In full light we are not even a shadow.
  • The void terrifies you and you open our eyes wider.
  • It is when I assent to nothing that I assent to all.
  • He who says the truth says almost nothing.
  • Man talks about everything, and he talks about everything as though the understanding of everything were all inside him.
  • Nothing is not only nothing. It is also our prison.
  • Nothing that is complete lives.
  • Nothing–it is said of this, of that, of almost everything. Only if it is never said of nothing.
  • What words say does not last. The words last. Because words are always the same, and what they say is never the same.
  • The chains that bind us most closely are the ones we have broken.
  • A thing, until it is everything, is noise, and once it is everything it is silence.
  • Where we have put something, we always believe that there is something, though there may be nothing there. 
  • And you still find something, you have not lost everything. You still have to lose something.
  • The loss of a thing affects us until we have lost it altogether.
  • When I believe in nothing I do not want to meet you when you believe in nothing.
  • Everything is nothing, but afterwards. After having suffered everything.
  • Only a few arrive at nothing, because the way is long.
  • I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received.
  • Yes, I will try to be. Because I believe that not being is arrogant.
  • One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.



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